Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sepulture in Oregon

Oregon Funeral

This last fall our mother lost both of her parents. My Grandpa, who was the healthiest person I've known, passed from cancer (chemotherapy was the ultimate culprit). We all expected him to outlive my Grandma for years. I mean he ran his last marathon several times in his seventies. And I mean Ran! He was a loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather; an athlete, a socialist, a veteran, and a former atheist. He was a man full of questions, and always seeking answers. Ultimately he decided it was foolish enough to keep telling God, "I won't believe in you!" and settled for obtaining his answers when he met God face to face. :-)
His loving wife stayed by his side in bed till the very end. She was a lifelong Catholic, and loved God and the Church with all her heart. My Grandma had been suffering from Diabetes for decades, and had undergone several open heart surgeries. So it wasn't but a few weeks, after moving up to Oregon to be with her great grandchildren, that she passed in her sleep as well.
We had a memorial service in California for my Grandpa, then his ashes went up to Oregon, ultimately to be laid to rest with my Grandma. They shared a beautiful life together all the way to their shared resting place. He was honored by the military at their grave after the beautiful catholic ceremony. My Mom received the flag and the family was at peace that day;reminiscing over the legacy the two had left behind

Oregon FuneralOregon Funeral


Steve France said...

Hey guys..
They are in glory with the lord tears, pain or suffering... oh how marvelous it must be to see Him.. as He is!

Pray He is sustaining you and granting you his peace that transends all understanding and that it wil guard and keep you at this time.

You guys for me have one of, if not the best photography/film blogs out there. I love your work.

I gave it a year to try and start wedding photography myself, but alas, I believe it didnt work out as the Lord has other things for me. Im glad that I can come here and be blessed with what you guys are doing.

Film isnt coming back.. it is fact.. i dont think it ever went matter how much 'they' have pushed digital and tried.
Keep living your passion, and I pray, in doing it for the glory of God, he will bless you for it.

By grace..

Steve (in United Kingdom)

aruna b.. said...

that last image is so real its like i'm driving in a car looking out the window right now. PERFECT! thanks for the lovely image.

Tanja Lippert said...

Hey Guys!!! It's Tanja Lippert. My father and my brother are both buried at Jacksonville Cemetary too. It really is such a magical place. I was really touched to see the photos on here. If you ever make it back there to visit your grandma and grandpa's resting place, say hello to my dad and my brother. They are buried in the newer (lower most) part. John R Schlosser and Jonathan Schlosser. RIP......they are all in good company!!!!