Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Best Lab in The Country!

RPL OpeningSo, our beloved photo lab just moved 6 blocks away from my house, and they had an amazing opening party for the amazing photographers that they work with. If you want your film to look good, send it to Richard. They are the best. I know, I've tried labs all over the country!
RPL OpeningThe lobby of their new space is riddled with great photography, from Commercial photographers; Autumn de Wilde and Pamela Littky, to Wedding photographers; Jonathan Canlas and Jose Villa, the latter of each attended.
RPL OpeningBelow is Brian Greenberg, the entrepreneur responsible for this amazing lab.
RPL OpeningFrom left: Bill the lab manager, Joel Serrato, and Mrs. Tanja Lippert
RPL OpeningBrian again chatting with Jose, and Gia Canali who also snapped the right photo of me with the Fujifilm Reps.
RPL OpeningAll off these were captured with our Leica 5CM Summicron on Ilford Delta 3200 processed in DDX develope

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