Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning has broken! - 220 400H vs. 35mm Kodak Vision (new Portra 400 technology)

6x7 400H vs. 35mm 250DStop holding your breath and crossing your fingers, because the time has finally come. A brand new film stock, unlike any before, is being released from Kodak! The new Portra400 "Incorporates Entertainment Imaging's KODAK VISION Film Technology" and is "the world’s finest grain high-speed color negative film" according to Eastman Kodak today. You know what this means? Still photographers will finally be able to capture the light that cinematographers have been spoiled with for years. You can see more on Kodaks website, KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 Film
This is the dawn of a whole new line of light sensitive materials. Created for the hybrid workflow, the Vision technology harnesses light like no other emulsion. We have tested it's limits with our Nikon F3 250 exp. film backs, and processing at Technicolor for the past year. I cant tell you how excited I am! Vision in medium and large format! But not until October... So for now, in honor of the release of the new Kodak Portra400, we give you a taste of 35mm Vision technology.

35mm Kodak Vision3 250D up against Fuji PRO400H 6x7cm negative!
This is far from a fair comparison here. A 6x7 negative is 4 times the size of a 35mm frame, and the P67 SMC glass is the best around. I exposed 35mm 250D at ISO 400, and 220 400H at ISO 200. I performed straight scans of each on our Fuji Frontier at an 8x10 proportionate print resolution, then scaled directly to original magnification. You can see for yourself...
6x7 400H vs. 35mm 250D
6x7 400H vs. 35mm 250D
It is a brand new day and film is not dead, it's just entering a new generation. And it's heirs shall have more majesty as splendor than ever! c'mon... Say it with me... LONG LIVE FILM!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hobo? Sundancer? Thingan?

Sundance 2009 VolunteerI found these FP-3000B negatives filed away from our trip out to Salt Lake City back in 2009 for the Sundance Film Festival and just finally got around to scanning them after nearly 2 years! We were at a Band of Annuals show in a dimly lit dive bar near down town and this guy just stood out from the rest of the crowd. I mean look at that beard and the hand shaved into the back of his head... Ridiculous! I asked to take his picture and he agreed. But when I offered him the prints he refused explaining that he didn't believe in owning anything except for the clothes on his back! Interesting fellow. He was volunteering at Sundance and traveling around wherever the road would lead him. I sort of envied his freedom!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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