Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frankie Lives!

Frankie GasThis is the first of many future gifts from our new toy. His name is Frankie and he rocks! He has been a pet project of mine for the past 9 months or so. And yes he is a 4x5! Not just any 4x5... a relatively compact hand held 4x5! In the world of large format the words "hand held" are rarely used. But with Frankie I can get great shots at 1/4 of a second with no tripod and no ground glass! I don't have any images of him yet so I will be forced to use only words. His body is a Polaroid 160 Land Camera with a swapped out rangefinder from a Polaroid 900. I also swapped out his lens board with one from a Polaroid 110A which comes with a killer 127mm f/4.7 Rodenstock lens with a Prontor leaf shutter. None of these cameras have film available for them any longer so I cut a hole in the back and mounted a 4x5 Graflok spring back onto him. The result is a beautiful monster! Hence his name... Short for Frankenstein! I was able to pull some shots off on some Fuji FP-100c45 thanks to the gracious Gia Canali who lent me her 4x5 Polaroid back to borrow. I can't wait to get some FP-3000B45 from Japan! Unfortunately it will cost me $4.20 a frame! Ouch! Unless someone out there has a hookup in Japan? Anyone from Fuji reading this? I can still get the the FP-100C45 for under $1.60 a frame though so I look forward to exploring a whole new world of instant photography... Large format!
Here is a 2 minute exposure from the roof of my new apartment in Los Feliz.
Frankie Los FelizThis is the view my wife and I will have to enjoy living in our first apartment together! By the way... I'm getting married! 29 days and counting and it couldn't come soon enough!


Riccis said...

It's alive!!!!!

Looks great, guys... Can't wait to see more
from Frankie...


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