Monday, September 13, 2010

Hobo? Sundancer? Thingan?

Sundance 2009 VolunteerI found these FP-3000B negatives filed away from our trip out to Salt Lake City back in 2009 for the Sundance Film Festival and just finally got around to scanning them after nearly 2 years! We were at a Band of Annuals show in a dimly lit dive bar near down town and this guy just stood out from the rest of the crowd. I mean look at that beard and the hand shaved into the back of his head... Ridiculous! I asked to take his picture and he agreed. But when I offered him the prints he refused explaining that he didn't believe in owning anything except for the clothes on his back! Interesting fellow. He was volunteering at Sundance and traveling around wherever the road would lead him. I sort of envied his freedom!

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