Thursday, May 14, 2009

On The Border

Ensenada, MexicoEnsenada, MexicoAbout a month ago I took a trip down to Ensenada, Mexico with some friends to help out with a building project for a ministry just outside the city. We did some serious work on a school/pastoral training center and had some seriously good street tacos in Ensenada! Being down there makes me appreciate what I have and how easily it could all be taken away. It also makes me sick of America and our comfort zones and need for our false security. Mexico is seriously suffering from the lack of tourism! Especially Baja! The border check was practically empty and the peso is worth less than it has been in over a decade. And all because we are afraid of drug lords and swine flue! Do you know how many American civilians have been hurt by the drug war in Mexico? Nilch! Nada! And swine flue? C'mom! It's the flue! And a mild one at that. Right now is a really great time to get a good deal on a vacation to Mexico and it's perfectly safe despite what the media has to say! Besides, they could really use you. So do a good deed and enjoy a little Mexico this Summer! And don't be trapped by false fear! Live life! And share it with others!
Ensenada, MexicoMore Photos of Ensenada

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