Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeremy Cowart & The Daylights

Last Friday Brian and I had the distinct honor of working with one of today's most creative genius commercial portrait photographers, Jeremy Cowart. His work is amazing! Go check it out if you haven't yet. And he is a great guy ta boot! He was doing a photo shoot in LA for some friends of his (The Daylights) who also happen to be a really great band and he needed some assistants. We met at Wayne Gretzky's house, yes that Wayne Gretzky, and from went to a 25 million dollar mansion! Wayne's wife, Janet, was our location scout and she did a fabulous job! After that we made our way to the Murdock Ranch where the guys mounted the billionaire David Murdock's priceless steads for some very manly photos. It really pays to know the rich and famous when looking for locations. We ended the night with some salty margaritas and mexican food in Studio City near my brother's place. It was great getting acquainted with Ran and Ricky. Such rad guys. Oh! And did I mention that they are twins? Just like us! Haha! Partway through the shoot Jeremy asked me to take a few shots with my Polaroid 195 I had been lugging around. So here are a few. Enjoy!
Cowart ShootLeft to right: Svend Lerche, Ran Jackson, Ricky Jackson, Jeremy Cowart
Cowart Shoot
Cowart ShootJeremy Cowart & The DaylightsRicky and Jeremy getting in touch with the open range via their iPhones. Real iCowboys!
Cowart ShootMeet little Miss Gretzky! Jeremy was taking photos of her throughout the day and she and the camera seemed to get along just fine.
Cowart Shoot Cowart ShootI can't wait to see the stuff Jeremy got on his website. The previews off his digital were looking incredible!

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