Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Man With A Story (You Would Love To Hear)

These past two weeks I have had the pleasure of enjoying two great performances by two artists I sincerely love! One I love because their music has changed my perspective on so many things in this world since I discovered them and the other because he is a dear friend and wonderful person, not to mention exceptionally talented entertainer/musician. Haha! That reminds me of the Slashie Awards in the movie Zoolander! Anyways... My friend and musician Lee Koch recently played a show in Long Beach at the dive bar Que Sera (close Serra... but no cigar). It was good to see him and finally congratulate him on completing his first record. BTW - He will be having an album release show in his home town of Ventura on January 10th. So mark your calendars! Well anyways, while we were there my brother and I decided to take some photos and and if things work out Lee may in fact be using one or two of them in his album layout... if we're lucky! ;-) I know, obviously the goal is to get paid to have your work used in a design but nothing really beats being able to help out a friend and musician you believe in through collaboration. Especially on what should be their breakthrough album! I've heard it! It's fantastic!

The other band I saw this past Sunday was the little known Cincinnati sensation Over The Rhine. This is the best band I have ever heard live and by far my favorite band still gracing this world with their graceful presence. We are still working some photos we took at their show so I will tell you all about that when I post them.
So until then, please enjoy these juicy photos taken with our Mamiya C330 of the Talented Troubadour himself, Lee Koch...
Lee KochLee KochLee KochLee KochLee KochLee KochLee KochLee KochLee Koch

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