Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After The Rain

I love the colors that come out after the rain... Rich earthy browns and the subtle greens of new life... The yellow rays of new sunlight contrasted by the pale blue unsoiled sky. The rain washes everything away. If only it could wash away those pollutants in our lives that keep us from doing and being the children that God has made us to be. Those things that keep us from doing the things we really ought. The things we love and those things of virtue that generations past used to know... once. Before technologies and entertainment became God. Well I hope this Christmas we all find time to do the things we love and love the things we do. Bless others and share in God's gift of life creativity & life.
The Buffalow Ranch Pond Menifee Fields<-My Backyard / My Work's->
Well, I have some rolls of black and white that need processing and a couple of projects I want to start on soon hopefully. Maybe after Christmas I will find the time.
Merry Christmas!!!

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