Monday, May 17, 2010

S&B - Reel Film

This Super 8mm vignette of Serra & Brandon's wedding showcases some of the highlights of their beautiful day. Masterfully captured & edited by Tim at Flicker Films (whose wedding was just featured below). Go to his website to see the full feature edit, and other samples that he has created. We did a longer -20 min.- cut of the footage to show at the post honeymoon reception party we had with all of our friends (since there was only 30 guests at the wedding). And now we would love to invite you to be a part of their nostalgic day... (Music by Over The Rhine, and Marc Scibilia)


beth said...

beautiful! congratulations you guys!

Riccis Valladares said...

Fantastic, Tim is the man... Congrats, guys!

A Bryan Photo said...

Absolutely lovely.
I hope my two sons grow up to be half as cool as the Brother's Wright.
Cheers guys (and Serra!)

Brandon said...

Thanks guys! :)

Laura Kleinhenz said...

Brandon, what an awesome, sweet wedding. Beautiful wedding film, to boot. (By the way, we met at WPPI at the Richard's party). Where on earth was this amazing victorian house?


Brandon said...

Thanks Laura! It's in LA! It's a whole museum/community of pre WWI houses that were rescued from certain destruction from all over LA!