Thursday, November 19, 2009

S¹A¹V³E¹ T¹H³E¹ D²A¹T¹E¹

S1A1V4E1 T1H4E1 D2A1T1E1S1A1V4E1 T1H4E1 D2A1T1E1This was a fun little idea that we pulled off with Jonnie and Stef after their engagement shoot. I love when we get to take photos that communicate something more about the couple. Always suggest fun ideas when doing photo shoots. It never hurts to try something different!
And yes, "et" and "ed" are official words...
S1A1V4E1 T1H4E1 D2A1T1E1
View Stef and Jonnie's engagement photos here.
Stef & Jonnie

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