Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 - Some Highlights

Time Square New Years Eve 20082008 started out pretty good for me with New Years in New York. Aint Nothin' like it!
Also made it to Boston while Serra and I were out there.
Boston Building
Did some more traveling a little later in the year and ended up in D.C. to shoot a wedding. Here is what it looks like underground.
D.C. UndergroundHere is Stephen Gallo from Virginia with his gangsta Groomsmen. He married our good friend Laura Stones this year and was a big part of why we were able to make it out to D.C.
Gallo Wedding
Go Sheep Go!Serra and I were surprised to find a herd of sheep this spring grazing in a field in Temecula.

Just a few months later I asked Serra if she would marry me. And you know what...
ProposalShe said yes!
Now we live together...
SerraJust kidding! We are neighbors. But we are both living in the barn that we will soon call "our" home. If God permits us to stay there that long.
This past year I've done a lot of digital photography for Revival with their Nikon D300. This was at a shoot for an article in their newsletter where Serra gave us all a glimps of how hard core she could be.
Brandon & SerraThis is one of Serra and mine's favorite photos. And you know what. It was taken at Donnie Allen's wedding with Brian's iPhone! Goes to show you that it's not the camera that matters... It's the monkey behind it! :P
Austin James Band never failed to amaze me in 2008.
Austin James BandAustin James Band live at the Belly UpBig surprise!
My favorite portraits this year were of Chris and Cindy Carbajal in San Juan Capistrano.
Cindy & Chris
Cindy & ChrisCindy & ChrisEven the guys looked pretty! ;)
Cindy & ChrisChris & Cindy Carbajal WeddingThis photo also doubles as my favorite happy accident.
Favorite Wedding Exit
Valerie & MatthewThe Parsons
This photo of Tim and Whitney on the rope swing after sunset is probably my favorite of the year!
Whitney & TimothyWhitney & TimothyTalk about hang time! Are they ever coming Down?
My favorite roll of film was this roll of Reala at Disneyland.
Thunder Mountain ScreamJust Swingin'
Award Wieners
Had some really great times hanging out with Johnny Red and the Frisbee Fingers crew. Whether we were Throwing a disk or a bowling ball we were always using our fingers!
John Has More Ink Than a Hell's Angel CanonetHP501_009
Had a lot of fun with the Polaroid 195 camera this year!
David Goop Valerie & Matthew
Especially at our weddings!
Went to Arizona in the fall with Revival. Loved this shot!
A "Flight Attendant"
Those Revival death lunches with Donnie and Kyle and everyone!

Lee KochOver The RhineTaking photos of live music that we love! Thanks you Lee Koch and Over The Rhine!
CanonetHP502_011Greg a.k.a. "Serra's little brother" (she wishes)
I love going for hikes! Especially with Serra! God's creation is so beautiful!
The Cover of Serra's New Work-Out Video "Plateau Pilates"Isn't it?
It has been amazing to watch little Ezekiel grow and develop this past year. I remember when he was afraid of me. This is him trying to steal my cool hat.
CanonetHP503_023 CanonetHP503_022
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this last year with Brian and Serra and me. It was amazing! I love you all and pray for God's blessing in your lives in 2009!

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